Nottingham Team

Dr Kate Radford

Associate Professor in Rehabilitation Research, RETAKE Chief Investigator
Kate qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1990 and has worked clinically and academically in Neuro-Rehabilitation. Her PhD involved developing and validating tests to predict fitness-to-drive for people with long term neurological conditions. Clinical work in community neurorehabilitation team prompted an interest in vocational rehabilitation (VR). Kate’s current research involves trials to determine the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of job retention interventions for stroke survivors [NIHR 15/130/11], trauma survivors [NIHR, RP-PG-0617-20001] and people with inflammatory arthritis, studies to develop and evaluate VR interventions for MS and those to promote self-management and participation following brain injury.

Dr Julie Phillips

Research Occupational Therapist
Julie qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1980.She has worked in a variety of OT roles including acute neurosurgical and neurology, older people and community traumatic brain rehabilitation. Her passion for vocational rehabilitation became a PhD entitled ‘Return to work after traumatic Brain injury: A cohort comparison study and feasibility economic analysis’ 2013. She was awarded ‘Vocational practitioner of the year’ in 2015 by the Vocational Rehabilitation Association.

Dr Jain Holmes

Senior Research Fellow
Jain qualified in 1990 as an occupational therapist and has spent her career working with people who have complex conditions. She has supported them to stay at and return to work by providing functional, cognitive, physical and vocational rehabilitation assessments and structured rehabilitation programmes. Jain has written a number of vocational rehabilitation training programmes and trained 100's of therapists internationally and has published a book on vocational rehabilitation.

Katie Powers

Research Assistant
Katie is a research assistant on the RETAKE study as well as a PhD researcher. Her background is in psychology with a BSc in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience and an MSc in Rehabilitation Psychology. Katie’s PhD research is being conducted within RETAKE and centres around understanding the impact of therapist and stroke survivor factors on intervention delivery and on stroke survivor return-to-work rates.

Kristelle Craven

Research Assistant
Kristelle is a occupational therapist, with an MA (hons) in Psychology and MSc degrees in Health Psychology and Occupational Therapy. Previously, she had clinical roles in medical- and neuro-rehabilitative inpatient settings and worked as a systematic reviewer. Whilst working as a research assistant for RETAKE, she has created the newsletter, written papers, supported public and patient involvement activities, and contributed to data collection and analysis for the embedded process evaluation. In February 2021 she started a PhD, utilising co-design to develop a toolkit to guide employers in supporting employees to return to- and remain in work post-stroke.

Patricia Dziunka

Patricia has worked in all sectors of industry and joined the University in 2013. She is the administrator for the RETAKE project and manages the finances, HR issues, meeting organisation and assists the Principal Investigator Dr Kate Radford to manage all aspects that are not research related. She also looks after the Return to Work after Trauma research project, the Health Education Clinical Academic Bridging Programmes and administration of the Centre for Doctoral Training at the Medical School, University of Nottingham.

Process Evaluation Team

Prof Chris McKevitt

Professor of Social Sciences & Health in the Department of Population Health Sciences and School Lead for Research & Impact in the School of Population Health & Environmental Sciences, King’s College London
Research interests anthropology of health and illness; qualitative methods; ethnographic methods in applied research; health services research; complex intervention development and evaluation; experiences of stroke and other chronic disease, & user involvement. Chris is a co-investigator on the RETAKE project and co-leading the process evaluation for the RETAKE study along with Dr David J Clarke.


Visiting Associate Professor in Stroke Care, Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research, Institute of Health Sciences University of Leeds
David is an experienced qualitative researcher working primarily in the area of stroke rehabilitation. Now semi-retired, David worked at the University of Leeds, and prior to that at the Universities of Limerick and Bradford. Between 2007 and 2019 David worked on a range of qualitative research projects in the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research, Institute of Health Sciences University of Leeds. David was Chief Investigator for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded ReAcT study which examined factors influencing therapy provision to meet National Clinical Guideline recommendations in eight stroke units in England. David was lead for the Yorkshire region for the NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research programme funded CREATE study which used co-production methods to enable stroke survivors, caregivers and health professionals to collaborate in the design and implementation of interventions to increase social, cognitive and physical activity for inpatient stroke survivors. He was also the lead for the qualitative and process evaluation studies on the HERO study, a large individually randomised controlled trial of a home based exercise programme for older adults with frailty (Chief Investigator Professor Andrew Clegg). David continues to advise colleagues in the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research on the process evaluation for the RECREATE study, an NIHR funded Programme Grant developing and testing ways to reduce sedentary behaviour in stroke survivors. David is co-leading the process evaluation for the RETAKE study along with Professor Chris McKevitt.


Professor Amanda Farrin

Professor of Clinical Trials & Evaluation of Complex Interventions, Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU), the Leeds Institute for Clinical Trials Research
Amanda is Professor of Clinical Trials and Evaluation of Complex Interventions at the Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) within the Leeds Institute for Clinical Trials Research. Amanda has worked as a medical statistician for over 25 years with posts in both academia and the NHS, together with a period of statistical consultancy work in the pharmaceutical industry. During the last 20 years, I have worked in an academic clinical trial environment and joined the CTRU in 2004. As Director of Complex Interventions Division at CTRU, I take strategic and methodological leadership for an extensive portfolio of NIHR- and charity-funded trials, studies and programmes, developing and evaluating complex health and social care interventions in NHS priority areas. Trials include those in stroke; elderly care (frailty, delirium, dementia); mental health (particularly self-harm), diet & obesity, cancer, primary care, care homes, and end-of-life & palliative care, with a focus across all clinical areas on evaluating behaviour change interventions.

Florence Day

Head of Trial Management – Complex Interventions Division, Clinical Trials Research Unit
Info to follow

Ivanna Holloway

Senior Medical Statistician at Clinical Trials Research Unit, University of Leeds
Ivana works as a senior medical statistician and joined the Leeds CTRU in September 2009. Her background is in medical statistics, psychology and nursing. She has experience of working on clinical trials, studies and programmes developing and evaluating complex interventions in stroke, dementia, trauma and gastroenterology within the NHS and in care homes. She works on individually and cluster randomised controlled trials and has experience in the design and analysis of complex intervention multi-centre phase III trials, feasibility studies and double blind controlled trials.

Marissa Arfan

Clinical Trials Coordinator, Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU), the Leeds Institute for Clinical Trials Research
I am based at the Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Leeds and my role includes assisting with the coordination of the RETAKE trial and management of the intervention data